Senate File 2370 would permanently weaken factory farm rules and regulations. Take action below by sending an email to your legislator by copying the letter below or editing it as you see fit. Find your legislator here.

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Dear [Legislator’s name], 

I urge you to oppose SF 2370, which would codify Executive Order Number 10, preventing the strengthening of Iowa’s rules and regulations. 

It’s widely recognized that the current rules and regulations for animal feeding operations in Chapter 65 don’t adequately protect Iowa’s waterways or public health.  

Iowa has 751 polluted waterways and ranks second in the nation for cancer — and it’s the only state where the number of cases is rising significantly. Studies link high nitrate levels in drinking water to various cancers and birth defects. Water quality is increasingly a concern of Iowans across the state.  

Yet SF 2370 would further degrade these rules and regulations at a time when Iowans need greater protections, not fewer. 

SF 2370 would require a retrospective evaluation of each rule and regulation, with a cost-benefit analysis to determine if the cost of imposing the rule on the CAFO industry and DNR outweighs the benefits.  

Yet there are enormous water quality and public health costs associated with CAFOs: 

  • Direct medical expenses cost Iowans between $6 and 27 million.
  • Indirect costs are $35 to $167 million each year.
  • Public water supply treatment costs $165 million.
  • Private well treatment costs between $4 and $7 million each year.

SF 2370 benefits no one but the corporate livestock industry, and it comes at a high price for water quality and public health. It enacts a race to the bottom for all Iowa laws. 

I urge you to vote NO on SF 2370 and put the health and well-being of Iowans before the financial interests of the corporate livestock industry. 

Sincerely yours,