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TAKE ACTION! Tell Your Legislators – Don’t Permanently Weaken CAFO Rules! 

UPDATE – The Iowa Senate passed SF 2370. It is now before the Iowa House. Please call your legislators and ask them to remove the language on Executive Order Number 10 from this bill!

A bill before the Iowa Senate would permanently prevent the DNR from strengthening factory farm rules and regulations.

A section of Senate File 2370 would codify Executive Order Number 10 (EO10), Governor Reynolds’ directive to reduce the overall regulatory burden of Iowa’s rules and regulations across all state agencies.

If passed, SF 2370 would have a direct influence on how factory farms are regulated by permanently:

  • Prohibiting the DNR from strengthening current CAFO rules and regulations in Chapter 65 of the Iowa code.
  • Requiring a rigorous retrospective analysis for proposed rules to determine if the costs imposed by the rules justify their benefits. This serves the CAFO industry, not Iowans.
  • Removing restrictive language and determining less restrictive alternatives to a proposed rule.
  • Requiring the DNR to go through a new rulemaking process from scratch every five years, further weakening CAFO regulations.
  • Enabling the DNR to forgo public comments for a rule or retrospective analysis if it finds good cause that the input would be “unnecessary, impracticable or contrary to the public interest.”

We already see how EO10 directly impacted the recent Chapter 65 revision, which included a few new protections for CAFOs built in risky karst terrain. The governor’s office refused to approve the much needed improvements because they don’t  comply with EO10. As a result, rural residents with private wells remain at risk for high nitrate consumption, which studies link to several cancers and birth defects.  

Iowa needs stronger factory farm regulations, not weaker ones. SF 2370 benefits no one but the factory farm industry.

Contact your legislators today and tell them to VOTE NO ON THE SECTION ON EO 10 from SF 2370. . Click here for a sample letter. Find your legislator here

The health and well-being of Iowans should come before the financial interests of the multinational, multibillion dollar livestock industry!